DTS® ReFlex Sill Replacement

refurbishing timber frames and improving accessibility

DTS ReFlex Sill replacementTimber frames at ground level often have one thing in common. The lower parts close to the ground are affected by decay, wear or damage. The DTS® ReFlex system is an effective option for refurbishing damaged parts of door and window frames.

Moreover, the existing threshold level can be lowered at the same time. Making buildings more accessible extends their functional life. The DTS® ReFlex system improves comfort, and offers building users convenience, every day.


After a number of years, even new frames of tropical hardwood are affected by the weather, air and moisture. Often the sills, threshold and lower parts of the jambs are due for renewal. All these parts can be replaced by durable DTS® components.

Improving building accessibility

Many refurbishment projects include measures to eliminate inconveniently high thresholds. DTS® thresholds can be fitted flush with the floor to make buildings more accessible to wheelchair users and others with impaired mobility. A lowered threshold significantly improves user comfort. The door is simply extended at the bottom to meet the new, lower threshold. These relatively limited investments allow people to continue to live in their own home for longer, and in greater comfort.


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