Company profile

innovation with plastics

Kreunen Plastic Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies durable, sustainable and innovative plastic products.

These are used in the construction industry, civil engineering, window and door frame production, mechanical engineering, concrete products industry, food industry and transport.

Our products are a long-life replacement for wood, steel and rubber in areas subject to ageing, decay or wear.

Hands-on approach

Our clients, whether they are interested in just one specialist application or use the full DTS® range, have become familiar with the hands-on approach and full engagement of Kreunen Plastics. Commitment comes naturally to us. We help to solve practical issues and everyday problems by meeting the challenges head-on. Our solutions have proven to be first class in terms of technology, cost-effectiveness and sustainability.


Kreunen Kunststoffen holds a number of European patents for thresholds, sills and jamb extensions manufactured from polyolefin plastics. These high-grade products are subject to constant quality monitoring.


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